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Complete managed communications for the oil and gas sector

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Business critical systems and complete managed communications solutions have been a Sepura specialty for almost 15 years

Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications.

Founded in the UK in 2002, Sepura expanded rapidly across the world with a network of regional partners selling and providing local support for its products, and quickly achieved the status of market leader in over 30 countries.

With over 400 systems installed in more than 60 countries, Sepura offers a full turnkey solutions capability of scalable systems, a tiered range of radios and devices, accessories and efficiency boosting applications. In addition to the oil and gas sector, the company’s solutions are widely deployed in the public safety, transportation, and utilities industries, including systems for refineries, pipelines, and nuclear plants.

Sepura’s oil and gas communication solutions

Sepura has extensive experience in providing communication solutions to the oil and gas industry. Deployed across the world, the company’s solutions focus on:

– Flexibility – allowing coverage (including offshore platforms and along pipelines), capacity, users and new features to be added when required;

– Efficiency-boosting capabilities – including group, individual, telephone, emergency, priority and announcement calls;

– Data/telemetry solutions – to assist in areas such as wellhead and pipeline monitoring, as well as vehicle and people tracking;

– Robust devices – user-friendly handheld, mobile and telemetry devices, including certified Intrinsically Safe devices for use in hazardous working environments; and

– Service and support – a full range of services to support cost-effective maintenance and operation of the network.

Marta Fontecha, Sepura’s Head of Product Management, commented:

“Tough environments demand tough solutions. Our complete TETRA solutions for hazardous environments provide loud, clear, safe communication in the toughest conditions, and are custom-designed to meet the challenges typically found in oil and gas environments.

“With Intrinsically Safe options meeting IECEx/ATEX standards, our specialist solutions provide a powerful voice and data network that supports and enhances production – reducing costs, maximising output and promoting swift decision-making.”

Infrastructure: TETRA and LTE

Sepura’s TETRA NEBULA infrastructure for mobile radio networks delivers outstanding coverage, security and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost effective scalability.

The only 100% Ethernet/IP-based TETRA system available, NEBULA allows the construction of a secure and reliable network with distributed switching and intelligence, complete fault-tolerant redundancy and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment for lower network costs.

A series of quick-to-deploy base stations give full TETRA functionality, while remaining cost-effective to service through the provision of a complete set of software tools for remote system maintenance.

Sepura’s next generation infrastructure for mission critical users, eNEBULA supports TETRA and professional LTE in a single network.

Secure and reliable for voice communications and narrowband data transmission, it maintains the scalability, RF performance, reliability and connectivity of NEBULA TETRA infrastructure, whilst providing support for demanding broadband applications, such as real-time video for fixed and onboard video surveillance, file downloading and equipment updates.

The systems include algorithms specially designed for sectors which demand massive data transmissions, such as oil and gas. The systems can also be integrated with other technologies such as solar panels, batteries or VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals).

Communications Control Centre: CeCoCo

The CeCoCo control centre provides a unique platform, allowing all voice communications to be managed from a single interface, enabling easy integration of different technologies.

The CeCoCo services module also allows event and emergency data reporting, improving daily operations by creating periodic activity reports and incident follow-ups. The GIS module provides integrated cartography, permitting the display of both vehicle and personnel locations. The module also enables integration with SCADA applications operating in the system.

Sepura terminals and accessories: Certified to the highest standards

Rugged and dependable, Sepura TETRA hand-portable radios provide superb functionality. The radios can be customised to each user group: Users simply enter a four digit code to access the profile tailored to their group.

Built to withstand the very harshest working conditions, the award-winning, Intrinsically Safe hand-portables deliver unrivalled audio clarity and enhance safety for workers in hazardous environments.

Sepura’s STP8X series of hand-portables carry an IP67 environmental protection rating – continuing to work after submersion in up to 1m of water for up to 30 minutes – and meets the exacting requirements of both the IEC60945 standard and IECEx/ATEX standard v6.

STP8X radios significantly enhance worker safety through long battery life, optional Bluetooth and GPS, and features such as Man-Down – offering motionand tilt-monitoring, as well as local alarm and over-the-air alerting. In addition, hotswap technology allows Sepura-approved and certified Nexus-based headsets to be attached or removed in hazardous areas.

The terminals are supported by a wide range of market-leading accessories, including a series of radio speaker microphones certified to the highest standards.

Sepura applications: Control costs, increase safety and boost productivity

Specially designed to save time, money and effort, Sepura’s range of apps streamlines essential processes, helping to keep staff safe and increasing productivity. Data transmission reduces the need for voice calls, conserving valuable bandwidth, and gives fast access to critical information when needed most.

Sepura’s applications provide the capabilities to:

– Automate the booking on and booking off process;

– Manage resources from a central location, via an intuitive user interface that allows the creation and management of operator definable tasks, and their swift assignation to workers in the field;

– Connect with remote, centralised databases to validate qualifications or authorisation to work for on-site personnel;

– Monitor remote equipment – eliminating trips to inaccessible drilling sites and storage facilities – and allowing equipment shutdown and recovery in emergency situations.

For more information on Sepura’s communications solutions for oil and gas visit the Sepura website or email

Christopher Keynance

Business Development Director, Oil & Gas Solutions

Sepura plc

Tel: +44 (0)7595 781973


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